MediStitch, a young company.

After I took my first class in learning how to suture at the Catholic University of Leuven, I didn’t feel ready to stitch in real life at all. I looked for solutions to practice the suturing at home. The existing simulation devices available were very disappointing. Most of the suture kits weren’t even suitable for intradermal suturing and the prices were way too high for students. Together with a couple fellow students we decided to design our own suture kit so we could fix all the problems. After many prototypes and reviews by multiple surgeons we came up with the MediStitch suture kit. The responses were great! This gave us the motivation for making the kit available for every student. After approval by different professors, our suturing kit is now being used for the suturing classes at the KU Leuven. Ali Zamani – Med Student, 3th Master